The Top Ingredients You Should Expect to Find in any Texmex Restaurant

When you think Texmex there are just some ingredients that you instantly think about. These are the nine ingredients that every Texmex cuisine must never run out of.
The first on the list


This avocado based dip has been around since the time of the Aztecs and is one of the absolute staples of Texmex cuisine.
You will find it wherever you have the urge to dip! A bowl of guacamole is as happy nestled up with a steaming pile of nachos as it is alongside steak, fajitas and quesadillas.


Refried beans are the staple of Texmex meals. If you don’t have a side of refried beans you are missing out, usually made with pinto beans this dish is sweet and creamy with a lovely earth aroma.


Without the humble tortilla so many Texmex staples would be severely diminished. Whether it is in burritos, enchiladas, fajitas of quesadillas. Tortillas let you get hand on with your food, which just makes it that much more enjoyable.

Yellow Cheese

One of the biggest American influences on Texmex is the addition of chees to practically every dish. After all there are very few things in life that can’t be improved by the addition of some beautifully melted and grilled yellow cheese.

Mexican-style rice

Mexican style rice is rice that has been truly pimped up. The addition of tomatoes, onion, garlic and chilli along with whatever else the chef s feeling make this dish a real joy to eat, even for people who normally don’t eat rice, they would agree that no Texmex meal is complete without Mexican-style rice.

Ground Beef

The American obsession with beef had been integrated seamlessly into the flavour full Mexican palate. Ground meats of all sort can be found taking centre stage in a range of dishes, but none stand s out the way that ground beef does. Can you imagine a chilli-con-carne with anything but ground beef?

Sour Cream

For those who need something to cool the burn of the chilli there is nothing like a bowl of sour cream no Texmex meal would be complete without the cool relief of sour cream to drizzle over our chilli-con-carne or to dip you bean burrito in.


It’s great for dipping nachos into or for mixing through your Mexican-style rice, it is the final member of the trio of dips that should be a permanent fixture on any Texmex restaurant table. Without the green guacamole, the white of the sour cream and the vibrant red of the salsa, how would you even know that you were in a Texmex restaurant?


Bright colours are one of the features of Texmex food, so lovely fresh lettuce is an obvious partner to any meal you can imagine. It’s fresh and tasty crunch adds layers to the texture of every dish it is added to.
If you have these nine ingredients along with some seasoning, you can make a Texmex feast that anyone would be delighted to chow down on.