Traditional Mexican Food Vs. Tex-Mex Food: 5 things you need to know

If you like Mexican food, you usually have 2 options to consider. You can either go with the traditional Mexican food, or you may be able to choose Tex-Mex Food. But which are the differences to keep in mind in this regard? Let’s find out!

Different origins

As the name suggests, traditional Mexican food comes from Mexico and recipes have been changed for many centuries. It all began with the indigenous communities like Mayans for example. There are Spanish, Asian and even African influencers in the Mexican cuisine.

But on the other hand, Tex-Mex is a blend of the American and Mexican cuisine. It all comes from the Tejano culture, Mexicans that arrived in Texas and started to combine their own types of food with the American ingredients!

Unique ingredients

Tex-Mex uses a lot of yellow cheese. Traditional Mexican food uses only white cheese. In case you see cheddar on your plate, you will know that you’re eating Tex-Mex food. Also, Tex-Mex food has a lot of cumin, but genuine Mexican food has other spices such as cilantro, epazote, oregano, chili peppers or cacao.


Tex-Mex isn’t varied, in fact, it’s just a blend of cultures. Some of the most important Tex-Mex foods are fajitas, chili con carne, queso or chimichangas. Mexican cuisine is a lot more different and varied in this regard. Here you can include mole, tamales, cochinita pibil, moles and various meat or seafood dishes.  All of these go to show that Mexican cuisine is quite different from its Tex-Mex counterpart, not to mention it does provide a lot more variety.

Tex-Mex food focuses on the use of wheat flour

One of the primary changes that Tex-Mex food brings to the table is the use of wheat flour. That makes it a lot more distinct when compared to regular Mexican food that uses a wide range of other ingredients in that regard. That’s why the taste is quite different when you compare Tex-Mex and traditional Mexican food.

Not a lot of spices

While Tex-Mex food does have its fair share of spices, it’s not as spicy as traditional Mexican food. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people find Tex-Mex food a good alternative to the very spicy traditional Mexican food. But don’t get it wrong, there are some very spicy Tex-Mex foods too, so if you want to avoid spicy foods, you have to be careful in regards to the ingredients and other factors.

As you can see, Tex-Mex food does borrow quite a lot from traditional Mexican food. But on the other hand, it also comes with some distinct, unique ideas and it does bring in front some nice, rewarding results too. If you always liked the idea of eating great food, Tex-Mex is one of the best options for you, and it’s not very expensive either. But if you want genuine Mexican food, the traditional dishes like Chili Con Carne remain the best option. It all comes down to your preferences, but in the end, both Tex-Mex and Traditional Mexican dishes are very tasty and a great meal for everyone!